Several Forum Suggestions

Although this new forum is pretty swanky, there are a few issues that’ll hopefully get addressed.

  • Choice in colors feels very odd, light grey text with a bright white backdrop? Maybe consider using what the original forum uses which is slightly darker hint of white as a backdrop with basic black text?

  • When browsing through the categories, the category button disappears.

  • Latest is the first tab opened when first go on the forums, although Categories would probably be a better choice.

  • Give us the option to choose between square and circular avatars.

  • More visible reply button, along with the icons to the left of it.

  • Automatically display the people who liked a post. (optional)

  • Make the posts wider, it feels rather cramped now. (There is unused white space to the right.)


Should we also mention about ranks? Because, oboi - it’s hardly possible to understand how to get off the “New Users” hell

Oh yeah, also - show who’s online on the forums.

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Hi @CrazyMikeComics,

Tried doing some of that earlier, looked horrible, will probably try again some time soon.

Categories button disappears:
Click on the category name dropdown and select “all categories” for now (will look into fixing).

Latest is the first tab opened:
Just fixed :smile:

Square and circular avatars:
Might require writing a plugin to do this, purely cosmetic so probably won’t do anything about this one

More visible reply button:
Not sure what you mean, can you post a picture showing the issue?

Automatically display the people who liked a post:
Might require writing a plugin to do this, I’ll look into it.

Make the posts wider, it feels rather cramped now:
I’ll look into this too.

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[quote=“Zak, post:4, topic:71”]More visible reply button:
Not sure what you mean, can you post a picture showing the issue?[/quote]

It’s nearly invisible. Maybe grey them out instead of making them brighter?

Thanks for the considerations. Really hope you consider those square avatars though…

Also noticed when looking around the forums were the badges, about them. Might be a good idea to remove the “Promoter”, “Campaigner” and “Champion” badges as they could encourage people to make fake accounts to obtain them.

that’s to keep the focus off the buttons when you’re just scrolling through posts. you don’t need the buttons unless you’re clicking them, so it makes sense. we’ll see if we can tweak the transparency, though.

well that right portion is actually used to automatically link to topics that mention the post you’re reading or have split off from this thread with the topic as a base (aka, the ‘reply as linked topic’ feature). i do agree that there should be less whitespace on the right, but i’m not sure there is a proper way to shrink the area down yet. gonna see if i can talk to the forum software people about that one.

there should be a link in the message that you first got when you signed up for the forums that tells you about how ranks work by default. (it’s here, for reference.) we might tweak the rank requirements, and if we do we will let you know how to climb the rank ladder.

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I never actually saw it when I got registered - never knew, sorry for my post!
Also, thanks for that helpful link!

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If you could add blackjack or/and roulette at the casino in either TU or GmTower it would be appreciated, thank you for your time.

This is not a topic for Tower Unite suggestions. Please post your suggestions in the Suggestions category. Thank you.

Those badges are now removed.

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I may not be seeing it, but does this forum system have a “Who’s Online” type of module?

I’m looking into this.

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Just a quick update on your suggestions.

Went through and changed some colors to make it a little easier on the eyes.

Categories button disappears:
Still working on this.

More visible reply button:
I made them more visible by default now.

Make the posts wider, it feels rather cramped now:
I have made the posts wider.

On top of all that, I just recently added Steam Login support!