Set all tracks to 3laps

In, PINE VALLEY is now 3laps.
With, it’s now 4laps, probably because track1 is shorter.

If you change the number of LAPs too many times, it will have a negative effect on the leaderboards. Currently, no one can rank on the leaderboards in Pine Valley (it is possible to rank if you have the patch, but this is not realistic).

I am not happy with this unreasonable first place.

I once mentioned in the forum that 4LAP in Bedzoom was too long, and users said that Mutators would be better, but it was not adopted.
But if it’s okay to have Mutators, then why does the suggestion in the discord pass?

It seemed unreasonable to me that this proposal would pass.
It makes no sense if we have a forum and we value discord suggestions more than the forum.

There is such a short course in Mario Kart, but it’s 2laps

It’s short, but it’s often a close race.

I think 3 LAPs would be better for a party game and for the competitiveness of the leaderboards, what do you guys think?
I think the Mutators is good for all but 3 laps.

​Thank you for reading to the end.
​English is a little strange, but I would be happy if you could interpret it.

The amount of laps best for a given course is still up for debate, since this is still an alpha gameworld in an early access game, but I don’t think changing all tracks to 3 laps is the best thing, gameplay-wise.

However, it seems like the main reason you’re suggesting this in the first place is solely because of the Pine Valley lap change. This is an issue, of course, but it’s something that would best be solved by simply resetting the leaderboards instead of changing the actual map gameplay.

Also, people on the forums and people on the Discord are both still players of the game, no group gets superiority. It’s not that the suggestion got put into the game because it was on the Discord, but just that the dev team themselves agreed with the suggestion.

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I dont think 3 laps for every track would work because some tracks, like Sunrise Isles, are already pretty short as is and shortening that down by removing 2 laps from it would make it way too fast in my opinion. I think 3 laps works for some tracks, like track 2 of pine valley, but I dont think it would be good for every track

We don’t value Discord over forums or vice versa. Everyone gets a say.

The best solution is still mutators, but mutators haven’t been released yet as they are still being worked on. It’ll allow people to set how many laps they want for their game.

When mutators come out, we will exclude mutators from the default leaderboards.

We’ll be resetting the Pine Valley leaderboards today.


To add on to this point, we frequently mention to people on the Discord to make all suggestions and bug reports on the forums, as with the everyday hustle and bustle of Discord, suggestions and bug reports are bound to get buried there.


I agree with your opinion.
4 is long.
We should go back to 3.

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If you guys feel that 3 is too short, you can change the map and play.
4 is too long and will take away your energy to play the next map.

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He says the leaderboard is also a problem, but the main thing is to get it back to 3.
I thought it was a great update when 4 became 3. (There are also posts on this forum that are happy with 3)
But for some reason, it was reverted back to 4.

If, as he says, the update was based on the discord posts, then where did all the comments on the forum about 3 being better go?
“just wait for the mutator”.
This is a joke. If you really think that the mutator should be changed, you could have used the short 3 as the base and made 4 the mutator.
And now the mutator doesn’t exist, and you’ve taken 3 away from us and are asking us to wait a long time for an update.

If you feel that 3 is too short, you can play it again and again.
4 is too long, you should go back to 3.