Servers Down?

I cant get into my condo, when I try I just get stuck at the loading screen. It also say I’m just “Player” and I have no avatar, money, or items, although I still have my appearance items like hats and ties. I think it’s just the servers but it’d be nice to know that my account isn’t glitched and i need to get all my credits back.

Make sure you are connected to Steam and do not have multiple instances of the game running in the background.

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I’m connected to steam and I don’t have multiple instances open. I’m running Version Build 0. Also I checked if any servers were up and there were none, so I believe it’s client-side not server-side, so I’ll try restarting my computer.

What you are currently experiencing happens when the game does not have a connection to Steam, and or there is a tower.exe running in the background.

Check processes in Task Manager and if there are two tower.exes shut them down, open Tower Unite, and your problem should be solved.

Yeah I must have had another instance of it open, weird I checked task manager and exited steam completely multiple times. Well it’s working now so thanks.