Server - specifications


What are the minimum requiments to run a Tower Unite server? Gamemodes are seperate servers? What`s more important? CPU with more cores/frequency or RAM? As far as i know in gmod CPU is more important.

What I would prefer to ask, instead, is:

What’s the maximum capacity of players per server? Would it be possible to witness gigantic 256-slot servers?

These are specifications we’ll be able to release later down the road. When the time comes, we’ll let you know.

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Okay. I was thinking about buying dedicated server instead of VPS .

I will tell you that the only thing dedicated servers will have to host is the plaza.

Everything else is externally hosted by the players. Game Worlds are hosted by the players, the plaza just handles setting up the initial connections. Condos are the same as Game Worlds.

How it will work? One player handles everybody or something like that?

Yeah, that could be bad if someone has shitty Internet.

So what software is needed to run Pre-Alpha server on Linux?

Bump. @Zak and @macdguy can i run Tower Unite Pre-Alpha server on FreeBSD?

We’ll post about dedicated server stuff when we get around to making a build for that.
Currently we are focusing on the standalone alpha build (non-dedicated).

We plan to target both Mac and Linux for dedicated servers eventually.

@Zak Wait a moment. Alpha starts tomorrow so we won`t be able to run a dedicated server on Linux? Only Windows server files or local?

@Zak +1 for Linux server support. as soon as we can get linux server client I will be hosting servers in London.

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Yeah I’ll get on that, I have to set up the Linux compiler toolchain to actually build the thing :confused:

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@Zak Thanks man, I know from my own experience as a programmer that Linux is damn hard to compile. I don’t envy you! Thanks, I look forward to hearing back soon :smile:

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