Server hosting?

Will we have to make servers or is it like server hosting on payday 2 or lfd2

Yes. There will be steam server hosting in the version that is due to tomorrow (could take a few more days).


Unless this has been confirmed outside of the Alpha 0.3 card, this information is FALSE. And no, I do not believe Zak saying “soon after the Indiegogo” counts as it being in Alpha 0.3.

Really? Am I thinking of the wrong server hosting here? I tought that Steam Servers would be up in the next alpha. :fearful:

Steam Server LIST

I THINK (don’t quote me on this) that you’ll still be able to create listen servers like you were able to in the first alpha, but now you can have them show up on an in-game server list instead of being forced to type the IP in manually. Dedicated server software is still coming later on.


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Sooo… the Server Browser will not work in alpha 0.3?

The server browser will show all player made servers being hosted. Dedicated Servers however are not done yet and therefore you cannot host them. Listen servers will still work.

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