Server browser is broken

It’s been nearly impossible for me to join the literal closest server imaginable. Dallas is four hours north, yet after more than THREE HUNDRED refreshes, the closest ones I’ve been able to see have been Seattle and New York.

Most of the time it exclusively shows ones in Malaysia and Europe, sometimes Australia.

I’ve tried joining through “join friends” on Steam, doesn’t work.

I managed to get it to appear in the Steam server browser and add it to favorites, but attempting to join from there just launches the game and stops at the main menu.

I’ve tried changing my download location from Dallas to Houston, with no change in the results.

I’ve been at this for over an hour now and I’ve just about had it. Worse, less complete games than this have had more functional server browsers. What’s the deal?

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This is a known issue and something we’re looking into. There was no need to create two separate threads.

The inability to join via Steam is also a known issue and only affects Lobby servers.


I’ve implemented a fix for the next update, along with joining via steam’s server browser/steam friends.

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Same happens to me. I’m close to the Chicago, yet I get anything but the Chicago server

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