Server Admins being able to place Items again

Back during the alpha players were able to place items in lobby servers because the inventory/permissions system wasn’t completely done which meant that players would end up placing items everywhere (like that infamous trampoline tower in the early days).

It recently got fixed in lobby servers which means that items can no longer be placed the plaza (and thank god they can’t) however… there was a certain fun to being able to place items on the plaza.

My suggestion is to make admins being able to place their inventory items into Lobby servers (not server users), technically making this a feature rather than a bug. One example where this would be fun, and we’ve discussed this over at Harry’s Server would be for us admins to spawn a Beach Ball in the Game World Lobby just for fun.

Anyways, that is pretty much it. It may make not much sense why you would want something like this, but as an Admin it would just be fun to mess with users or spawn TVs in waiting places. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is something that has been talked about internally, and MIGHT happen in the future, but not for a while.


beachballs in the lobby :smile:

Nah. Beachballs in the Arcade. Think of the “fun”

the admins decide, this would definitly not be in the official lobby

…or would it? -I’m looking at you, kawaii spider desu T-rex aka Misty aka Mac’s Wife