(Serious Issue Windows 7: Driver Irql less or not equal Blue Screen Upon Installing/Updating

Upon the release of, my friend and I decided to take a look at the new update. Although my game updated perfectly fine, his however gives him a blue screened error “Driver Irql less or not equal” and forces a restart. Everytime he would try to update or reinstall it would give him this error. We believe it to be a drivers issue and we think unplugging external devices and rebooting may have just fixed the issue but we aren’t quite sure why this occurring. Unplugging the external devices seems to have helped and he has now installed it but I’m writing this as I am not sure if others will have this issue. If anyone else is having this issue, feels free to try and unplugging every external devices (USB, chargers, etc.) and restarting. Load up the PC again, without plugging everything in, and try to update/install the game. After the game boots up you’re good to plug everything back in. Again, I am not too sure why the external device drivers would be conflicting with the game, nor am I sure this was entirely the issue, all I know is that the game was successfully able to run after doing this. I hope this doesn’t become a issue for anyone in the future. Thank you.

Same thing happened to me. After the update my computer blue screened. But has only done it once. Don’t know if this is related some how but is good to note. After the first blue screen it worked fine. So I have no clue how it happened.

Also I have a AMD system. Don’t know if that means anything.