Semi-PSA for everyone

Today, is coming out (or at least, it should if everything goes to plan). With this update will come the feature I think quite a bit of people have been waiting for; Condos will now save to Steam cloud. I just wanted to tell everybody; PLEASE BACK UP YOUR CONDO FILES!
I trust the developers and they know what they are doing, but all sorts of things can go wrong at any given point, so just to be safe, I want everybody to take precaution and back up their Condo files! If you do not know how to do this, it is very simple:
Your Condo is saved in a little file called Condo.dat. Please take note that this does not mean your inventory; it instead means the way things are placed and organized in your condo and what items are placed or not. This file is located in your Tower Unite files, naturally. Here is the location:
D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower\SavedData
Please note that I have my programs and games on my D: drive, so make sure to adjust appropriately. Within the SavedData folder is Condo.dat. Just copy that to a safe location and you should be good to go.
I hope you all enjoy this update the devs have worked hard on. Stay well everybody!


Thanks for the heads up! I forgot .3 was out today, i’d been meaning to backup my condo for a while and just forgot :neutral_face:
And thanks for the location of the file too. :raising_hand:

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Thanks for reminding us, knowing you should backup your files is actually very useful in this situation.

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Thanks for reminding me about that i wanted to do it but i forgot
I am so hyped for the new ball race map can’t wait :slight_smile:


No problem, everyone. I wouldn’t want to see anybody’s creations gone to the wind because of an update.

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@EvKem MVP. thanks for the reminder, it could have been cataclysmic had I not seen this.

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I have enough confidence in them that nothing wrong happens. If people lose their condos because of this then expect a lot of outrage.


I believe in the developers too, they know what they’re doing. But it never hurts to be safe! I back up my condo every week or so anyway because I am paranoid.

my tablet is rip and this pc has no Painttool SAI



I have a disco project in my condo that cost me a lot of hours, thank you for the adversiment man n.n

Kinda obsolete now

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That was what this thread was for, to remind people to back up just in case the update ruined anything!

Just a heads up. The update will never destroy your Condo.dat file. If for some reason Steam Cloud doesn’t work, it’ll revert to the default behavior.


Okay, thank you. Like I said, I just wanted to be safe as something could’ve gone awry. This update is real rad.

Damnn, I wish I had known this yesterday. RIP 40-50 hours spent doing my condo. I literally just reformatted my computer last night. If only I had waited 1 more day.

I had done so much stuff for the monthly building competition. I don’t want to have to redo it all. :sob:

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