Selling Ness Amiibo

I’m gonna sell 2 online and all proceeds will go to Tower Unite, the link will be up soon, so I hope somebody buys!
(Link will go in replies)

Here is the listing:
(First one)

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These things are like drugs. I want dat ness, but all my money went to the Indiegogo. Standing tall and proud with my collection of 18

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AW, you GOT one? I want it so bad! I hope Ill have more money next week! I only have 2: Luigi and Sonic.

You got one? LUCKY. I only have Sonic and Luigi.

yeah, if you want it, buy it soon, it goes in 10 days and even then somebody could buy at any moment. :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign:

i have one, and no one can have it!