'Select Sound' menu for sound emitters

The spooky sound emitter has a pretty large selection of sounds and the little drop-down menu you have to scroll through makes it a bit tedious to find what you want sometimes.

I think it would be a bit easier to find sounds if emitters had a menu similar to the Select Surface on canvases/surfaces, where you click a button and it opens up a larger menu with all of the sounds in it. Feast your eyes upon this beautiful design:

I’d like this honestly. You could even have it so when you hover over a sound it’ll automatically play so you know what you’re selecting.

I plan to make an asset selection UI for Condo IO as well.


Can we get more sounds for the emitter too?

there’s 4 more sound emitters coming soon, in case you were unaware:


This is fair but when are we gonna see em? Theres a variety of items in the game that aren’t in stores, like the newer plants, light fixtures, map props, etc etc, and yet they’ve never been added at all.

those were added to the list like two days ago. i kind of doubt they would add those to the list, especially since theyve been adding quite a few items for condos lately, and then just never finish them

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They’re coming out with Casino Phase 2. Other items that were backlogged are starting to come out as well, as we have more help now thanks to @Nuclearxpotato.


Congratulations to @Nuclearxpotato and good on you for getting on the dev team