Secret Doors/Walls/StuffLikeThat

i think it would be awesome if we could have secret doors or a bookshelf (for condos or something like that) where you press E on a certain book and the book moves a little and it spins and moves you to a secret room! (like from the scooby doo thing) or something like that (so you can hide stuff in your condo you dont want others to see or something)

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Yeah! I would love for mini easter-eggs to be added.

yeah i think it would also be cool to have them in condos so you can hide stuff you dont want others to see

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Yes, easter eggs are things to expect.

I think the OP is talking about secret walls/doors, more specifically :smiley:

Yeah, he is. Just the way you worded it sounds like you were talking about general easter eggs.

That’d be cool. Maybe some kind of hidden doors inside plain walls too? Would be cool to have my little bunker at my condo :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah thats what im thinking! like make your condo look amazing when people come in but there is a bookcase that spins and moves you into an entirely different room! you could do so much with that! like random people could see a OK condo but your friends would go in the secret room and party!!! i hope we can have a disco and disco floor and stuff!

Revolving bookcase as an item is totally a possibility. Even more so when you can edit the floor plan for your condo.

Lovely idea.


thanks! i think it will be cool to have secret rooms for condos (so people can make their own easter eggs or a secret party room)

I already know what I’m gonna hide… Hehehe

Only problem I see with an item that does this is the fact that everyone will eventually learn what it looks like, so it’s not really hiding anything. Sorta like on Scooby-doo, you could tell when things were going to move because it looked like it wasn’t painted in the background.

So if I have a revolving bookcase, everyone automatically runs up to it to try and get behind it and drink all my beer :confused:

but you could use a hall of normal bookcases and 1 revolving bookcase!
heck it doesnt have to be a bookcase we could just try to get walls you press E on while looking at it to open

And you could probably also be able to determine the position of the secret door and that whole room, if it’s not impractical due to the condo’s architecture.

maybe a poster that moves when you press E?
lol i like the idea of hiding the cool stuff of my condo where only my friends could find it

What would really be cool is if there’s multiple types of hidden door types and some could “scan” the player to let only your friends in.


great idea! i hope you guys make it

Yes! I could have a dungeon :japanese_ogre:

Remind me not to enter your condo @SirParadox

Don’t worry, i’m only going to have a few slaves :japanese_ogre: