Seasons in Tower Unite?

I was playing Tower unite not to long ago and i begun to think of how cool it would be with seasons.

Imagine Christmas, the textures changes to snow and christmas trees has been placed inside of the tower of condos lobby (and somewhere else) and elfs dolls you could buy at store only at christmas day. It’s snowing outside in plaza and everyone has equiped scarves and hats. Imagine everyone having a goodtime chilling at their condos with snow outside and the pool covered with ice… and the jacuzzis hot steam flowing in the air making the snow around disapear…
The big christmas tree is being placed in the middle of plaza and it has present under it ready to be send to your condo door for you to open yours!

Imagine the new year countdown on tower unite! Its dark outside and the stars are glowing… The admins or an automatic bot setting up the fireworks in the middle of the plaza ready to fire them. You could buy fireworks for your condo to fire them there and have a great time only with your friends at condo when the clock is 00:00 or you could watch the show in the plaza!

Imagine Easter… Easter eggs everywhere in the corners in plaza… Not green but dark green yellow grass everywhere… Imagine the easterbunny leaving an egg infront of your condo door and you just walking to it ready to open it and when your open it to see whats inside it is a easter item. A unrare or a rare if your lucky… If not good luck next year :smiley:

And lots of more!

It would be super awesome!

Btw it would probably take lots of time to make the new textures and stuff but it doesn’t has to be done this year.

Still awesome! :smile:

A cozy suggestion :smile:

This has already been suggested.

Yeah but i made it more complex and more understanding though! (no offence)

You’ve added a little more description, and that’s really it. You didn’t need to make a separate thread about this, rather just go into the other suggestion thread, and post your thoughts there.


Yeah I’d prefer it if people used the existing thread instead of a new one.

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