Seasonal Events

Hello. I have a question, like GMTower I loved having seasonal events! I would LOVE to decorate my Condo with Halloween pumpkins, at Christmas have a big tree and candy canes. So, PixelTail, can you confirm there will be seasonal events? (Oh and also a recommendation is the Halloween roller coaster)

People could just create the seasonal content themselves (like pumpkins etc.) although I do think they will hold events. They just won’t have the content to with it. This is just a theory though, @macdguy will know the answer. This just sounds like the more likely answer.

There might be something like a “base” seasonal theme, which is always there during the entire season. Just a themed main-menu, themed user interface and a slightly themed map/slightly themed maps. And the rest is done by the players, espcially in their condos.

Wheres Mac when you need him? SUMMON HIM HERE BECAUSE I AM THIRSTY FOR THE ANSWER! @macdguy
I honestly wish we can have the old organ music playing, with the Halloween HUD, the seasonal events and things like the good old days :slight_smile: