Seasonal Coins

I really enjoy the Ghoul coins/Holiday coins idea, so id love to see seasonal coins.

Season Coins could be coins that change every 3 months depending on the season. With these coins, You can buy Season-related items at a shop, these could be brand new items each season, or swap between them.

Items could include for example a Flower patch for spring, a Sun shaped bed lamp for Summer, leaf blowers for fall, and or ear muff cosmetics for winter. These are just ideas but ofcourse there should be more than one item.

It seems a bit fun. But I just don’t think it’s necessary really??

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It would be nice to give a reason to come back to the game every season, like how Animal Crossing has different seasons.


Yeah but I think maybe not like this?

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Was thinking it’d be cool if seasonal/holiday coins are held on you (like tickets were shown to do in the arcade) and can be exchanged for prizes or units at the transit station’s ticket booths. Maybe even a little counter display that satisfyingly increases as you turn in coins. It’d give some use to the transit station outside being a spawn point and make the coins feel more like actual collectible items rather than another form of currency, at least.

Or perhaps a Coin Changer in the lobby? A guy at a table who will exchange season coins, credits, and sea dollars at rates that fluctuate periodically?

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I dislike the idea of them being all the time and just changing. I think any more than a month or so at a time is too long.


What if very rarely through using metal detectors you could find a ‘dirty coin’ that when used would show an animation of your character rubbing it, which would randomly reveal it to be one of the coins from an event, be it Holiday, Halloween or Sea. This wouldn’t be an effective way to get coins as I would consider the rarity to be that of sea coins, maybe twice the rarity, making it a collectable in and of itself.

edit: I just realised this has little to do with the original idea. I will keep this here however.

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