Season Finale of The Bone Zone

Alright so heres the deal guys and ghouls.

Skeleman decided to drop a last second bomb on me and said he wont be available for actual Halloween, and since some people are in fact busy on Halloween, we might have to reschedule. So in short, the usual Bone Zone fashion, nothing is going according to plan. So the season finale might actually be TONIGHT around midnight. That’s the new plan for now until further notified (all things are in fact subject to change much like the show).
Any changes will be posted in this thread.

I’d love to say we have a great show planned for you tonight, but as per usual…we don’t really plan anything, and I like to think that’s part of the shows charm. We do at the very least have 1 special guest 100% booked for the show so please tell your friends and join us for (what I’m really hoping is going to be) a spectacular season finale of the greatest (and only) talk show on Gmod Tower.

The Bone Zone!

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hi hello ill be performing on stage live on the zone boner thanks thanks, thanks.

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What server and where?

Server 1, midnight(ish) EST. Server 1, my condo. I’ll throw a party and give updates to how much longer in all chat.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

No prob. :smile:

featuring the big bone bopper on the shazam kazoo

midnight, no recordings, let’s hope other people recorded it, if someone has footage, send it to me so i can edit it, or you can edit it yourself if you want to (maybe you have a youtube channel)



Dont worry guys and ghouls, the season finale was taped by our very own Cat (Nightmare Duckie, whom isnt on the forums yet >.>) edited together the season finale and we’ll be showing it for the first time tonight in tower. So gather round if you wanna see the madness, after the showing I’ll post it here on the forums for you to repost and enjoy in your own time. :smiley:

I mean last I talked to him…
“Nightmare Duckie: i’d put it on the forums but idunno how to work the forums and i don’t even know if i have an account”

Sounds like my sources…ARE BONED! (air horn)
ANYWAYS, come join if you wish to watch together and discuss tonight on Tower!

Yeah whoops I messaged Lich that I didn’t have a forums account and didn’t know how to work the forums but after that I made an account without telling him because I’m out to destroy The Bone Zone.