Searching for a cause to the recent FPS issues

So as of recent both myself and what I have heard is many others have been experiencing a major FPS drop since the casino update (and even the following patches as of 9/21/16).
For me, this drop has been from a consistent 60 fps on lowest settings to a consistent 10 FPS on lowest settings. I’ve been thinking about what could have caused this, and why some people experience such a massive change while other had no change to their fps when the update shipped.

So I guess this is a thread for 2 things: If you have any ideas for what could fix the issue, and if maybe you could help prove or disprove an idea I have.

My idea is that possible the cause for this is that I use an Nvidia GPU which ends in “M” which signifies that it is a laptop graphics card (mine is a 650M but the desktop counter part would only be called 650) so if anyone else is having an FPS issue, let me know if you too have a laptop graphics card, because it might just be the issue, and likewise if you have a laptop graphics card and are not having your FPS effected, then let me know as well, to disprove this is the cause.

Everyone has had FPS drops since the Casino update. I think the cause is probably just the sudden surge in interactive games within the Plaza. Think about it: the plaza used to be nothing more than a glorified storefront before this update. Interaction was limited to buying items and maybe watching a video in the theatre or riding the ferris wheel. Now it has a bunch of casino games from slots to video card games to poker, a competitive typing speed test, and two trivia games. Along with this, the servers haven’t been nearly as populated as they are now. The servers (and netcode) have never undergone this kind of abusive stress test. I’m no dev, though, so I can’t say that this is for certain what has caused the framerates of everyone to decrease.

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It is a CPU issue. We’re working on a patch.