Search Bar for Missing Items menu


For the little menu when you want an Item that got into OOB or a Physics item that just got lost, I just hate scrolling and looking for that damn thing. It can be better with a search bar so you can find it easily in the list.


YES LAUTY, At least you have some good idea’s other than play ballrace :stuck_out_tongue: xD


Yes. I want to completely rework the inventory menu. It’s a nightmare to find stuff and it’s only getting worse.


This is something that I requested a while back, and it’s one of the only things keeping me from building regularly. At this point, any potential UI improvements the developers intend to implement is enough for me to get excited.


also one for inventory on the top Q menu (which i think will be apart of the inventory re work)


Yus, this is good news. I’m really glad it’s getting addressed. :smile:

Honestly? Me too. I’ve halted work on my space station until I can manage my inventory of thousands of items.