Sea Dollars to find "new" fish for entries

I’m not against collectibles or grinding. I’m not trying to eliminate either. Yes I’ve switched up bait and fishing spots and times of day.

But at this point there’s only 5 or so fish missing from my log. I’m fishing near 50 each of the other types of fish in the same category. I’m pretty sure I’m still stuck with a few fish that are even flagged as common/uncommon, not even rare (I just got the basic “crab” for the first time, after 1.2m fishing exp). I pretty much have everything in the sea store, but have no luck getting the rng luck to fill out my log. Meanwhile my friends have multiple copies of fish I’m missing with literally 1/20th of the time spent.

I’m willing to accept that this can’t be done because such is the life of rng. But I like the idea of a getting a random slot machine-esque prize from the dolphin for time spent. 20 coins gets me a random missing entry. Considering I go thru about 60 bait to get a single coin, it’s worth a consideration before deciding if I should trust my luck. If not that, than Idk, something like crazy expensive lure that helps find fish you haven’t caught, or some kind of detector… anything to help some of us who have really really bad luck.

edit sea coin cost dependent on rarity of fish could be a factor. Or maybe sea coins to spend for a chance at fishing/some type of minigame also seems fun…?

I have 3.2m exp and still have 1 fish remaining, but that’s how it is with probability.
The problem in mathematics is called the coupon collectors problem(in-case it interests anyone), although this is slightly different because fishing uses weighted probabilities.
The last few will take longer and longer on average, I am still hunting for that last fish, personally I like the idea of catching them all properly but definitely agree on there needing some help.

I think the best solution would be splitting sea/fresh water fish between locations. Also with different baits to help catch different species, and that some species never get caught by some baits, that way you reduce the probability from 1 huge number of fish to multiple smaller groupings that can be targeted.
It definitely could do with some changes someday, especially if fishing is to ever be expanded upon.


does the time of day affect the fish you can catch? because i think that would be kinda cool actually if it doesn’t. more fish!!!


I do like the idea of different fish being available in different areas. We already have freshwater and saltwater fishing areas for an initial split. I believe FFXIV’s fishing has fish availability adjust based on weather/time of day too which I also think would be an interesting addition. Could also lead eventually to seasonal fish which I think would help bring fishing into the seasonal events. Fishing is one of those areas that I really do hope the devs come back to some day.


Yeah I’m prepared to fish til the end of time to get them all, I do appreciate having rare collectibles in games, I personally would like to catch them and not just be rewarded them… but I’ll be honest I don’t want to spend 3mil+ exp just looking for 1 or 2 fish…

If there was a system in place where we can at least narrow the search down, I would be more than satisfied with that. I’m moving around the map to different spots because it feels like it matters but I know, deep down in my heart, it doesn’t. :frowning:

And yes please - seasonal fish and fishing events sound like an awesome addition. I want to win a custom pole or a one of those floppy fishermen hats.


Since the start of fishing I was going for a screamy boy. Took 30+ hours of fishing exclusively item fish to finally get one.

I think @Mattio is on the right track. Right now it feels like everything is just broken into two categories, item fish or regular fish. If we could focus on a small group of possibilities that would help pinpoint certain fish, but I still wouldn’t want a gaurenteed way to eventually get a missing fish. If you know you’ll eventually get it after X number or attempts, it becomes more about beating the pity timer than catching an elusive long term hunt.


I eventually caught every fish around 3.5m exp, which is kind of ridiculous but at the same time it is a lot of different items to get. I kept all of my fish for the cooking update in case I need specific ones which is what I kept reminding myself of while grinding

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