Scripting for Objects, Lights, and other toggles

You could give an object a “name” that could have its properties modified based on conditions in scripting, or based on other elements in the condo. There could also be some sort of pressure plate, a trigger zone, or a check for a player,

An example could be like:

if buttonBasement.pressed = true
then lightBasement.alpha = 255
else lightBasement.alpha = 0

Or maybe this:

if Func_IsObjectInZone(x1, x2, y2, y2, z1, z2, object) then
   print("Disco Party!")

and you could give objects the ability to activate:

redDoughnut.onUse = func(player)
   printTo(player, "That doughnut was delicious!")

And you could define your own variables and functions in the condo itself. And, some functions could serve to check stuff for you, and there could be global values such as Condo.timeOfDay or Condo.Weather

I’m just spitballing this because I figure it could add a lot more functionality to the condo, someone could make lamps that slowly flow through the hue spectrum, or make some sort of game, or create their own usable doors. This is pseudocode, I don’t actually know how the scripting in this game works, I saw it once with the laser projector and thought it was really cool that I could control how it worked.

There’s an entire Condo I/O system in the works. Well, more like in the pipeline, but you get the idea lol. Not sure how technical it’s going to turn out—I’m hoping it doesn’t require coding because I switched my undergrad major from CS for a reason lol, though I also recognize the flexibility that having access to proper scripting would enable—but I’m pretty sure that, of the examples you provided, remote light toggling will be possible.


Even as a current CS major, I’m hoping Condo I/O provides some easy to use tools similar to the copycat/stasher/quick scaler as well as some good interfaces for things like zones and permissions.

That said, I do think a way to script events in code would be incredibly powerful and allow skilled programmers to make some amazing things. Hell, just look at what people are doing in Minecraft with nothing but redstone and in-game commands. Some builds there are bonkers :stuck_out_tongue: