Screenshots Of Your Experiences In GMod Tower

Just a basic thread to post screenshots from past to now, just to share some friendly memories :smile:
Excuse me if this might seem like spam of some sort >.<


lobby 1 :open_mouth: long time no see
lol i remember playing this lobby, where it first started
so many memories and so many times i played with friends

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First night playing the new lobby with Raine, who I’ve known through counter strike for ~2 years now, and Blake, who takes some of my classes at college and is a very dear friend. It was about 3 in the morning at this point, and all I wanted to do was sit in the dark and have my laptop screen blind me with the lighting routine for Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’. So we sat in deep silence enjoying the magic of this instant in time. All our girlfriends/boyfriends were on overseas trips this break, so we were all awake and lonely much too late into the night to share this moment.


I would post some screenshots, but I should have taken someto do so :( I regret myself always forgetting the F12 button

Beautiful song. She has an amazing voice.

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All Hail Massaki


Lying Fest

"Now thats what I call staff harrasment"

Hardcore Golfing

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Ahhh, good memories of the CondOS BSOD

The BSOD was a hoax as Mac and Zak discuss:

Link to original post


Jesus Christ, how horrifying.

What is this spider model, when did this happen? :stuck_out_tongue:

Rob train :stuck_out_tongue:

Pole dancing in Condo #2

Pretty old Screenshot of Ognik with UCH model playing Poker in Lobby 1, Good times :stuck_out_tongue:

Rob in the bathtub, You all know who this is most likely :3

Me screenshotting the StarFox trophy i won :smiley:

spider player model for Halloween 2015


This is from just right now (literally), chilling out on the beach and enjoying an improvised Q&A with @macdguy

P.S.: He gifted us one holy GMC :0

I missed that beautiful lighting from the old version of Lobby 1 :worried:

All these times in minigolf

Can’t forget about how the wheel is rigged

And Also I was at the big party in Lobby 1, which had like 50 million people sitting on the ledge.

I also always used this to watch videos in sync with my friends

There were more, but I didn’t hit F12, i will try to more in tower unite tho