Screenshot software

Anyone know a good Screenshot app or software thats easy to use? I need one to primarily take screenshots of Tower Unite. If You know one please give me the link to the download.

There’s multiple options to do this without needing extra software.
You can press Windows + Print screen and find the image in Pictures and then Screenshots
Or you can use the Steam Overlay’s Screenshot feature by adding the game as a non-steam game and launching the game though steam and then pressing F12 (The default keybind)

Someone’s going to eventually mention Sharex

I use it a lot, and recording game I actually just use the Xbox Game DVR in Win10

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Yea printscreen on your keyboard and

I use Lightshot.

If you don’t want to use third party software or websites you can go to your games library on steam, look at the bottom left of the window and add a non steam game. From there, browse for the Tower.exe file and boot it up.

You should be able to play with the in-game Steam Overlay and take screenies :cat:

I use print screen on Windows, although then I paste it in MSPaint and crop out stuff I need and save as .png or jpeg.

Use snipping tool
Copy, then paste directly to imgur ^_~