"Scramble" Gameworld, where you play different gameworlds in a row

So my idea is to have a “Scramble” gameworld where you play different gameworlds in a row.

How it would work:


  • 8~12 Level Gameworld
  • Every round, the game randomly picks a gameworld to put the players in.
  • The same gameworld can’t be chosen again for the next 2~3 rounds.
  • If players leave, remove the possibility of a gameworld like Virus to be picked if there are less than the necessary number of players.
  • Players would have their preset cosmetic options (what they had already equipped), that way there isn’t a lot of waiting for players to pick cosmetics.
  • 60 second wait after at least one player has loaded in.
    • Loading times between gameworlds could unfortunately be a problem.

By randomly picking gameworlds, a game could go like this:

Round 1: Virus - Desertion
Round 2: Minigolf - Forest, hole 5 (medium)
Round 3: Ballrace- Woodlands, level 7 (easy)
Round 4: Zombie Massacre - Village (hard)
Round 5: Accelerate - Bedzoom, track 2 (medium)
Round 6: Minigolf - Kingdom, hole 8 (hard)
Round 7: Little Crusaders - Market
Round 8: Virus - Hospital
… and so on.

Then the next game could be completely different maps in random order.

Although this may sound good in paper, I don’t know if it’s even possible to do since there could be limitations, but I’d still think it’s worth suggesting.

The reason I’m suggesting this is to give people more reasons to try out new gameworlds and don’t just keep playing the same ones because they’re familiar with it and it would make players who like most of the gameworlds get to enjoy them all with more people.

Thank you Pixeltail, for your amazing work so far. <3


I liek this idea…
we will see