Score unbalanced between blue & red side on Bug Bytes

Bug Report
When playing at 2 on Bug Bytes, the blue side take less points (some bugs give 2 or 4 points) than the red side where all bugs give 15pts.
/Bug Report
And that was great if the red side can be pickable at first.

Anyway, your game is nice and i’ve convince some of my french mates to buy it, and for convince them, i’ve said to all the same thing: “It’s the game who do all!”

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I would like to add to this: even when I play as a single player, sometimes I can get max 8 points for a hit. I have not been able to get 30 red guys to show up in a single game, stars do not usually proc when I hit (even if I get the minimum of 4 points for the hit).