Scientist soft rework (Offence+Support hybrid class)

The Medic is the only support class in Zombie Massacre, and I’ve always wanted there to be another support option. I think the Scientist would be the perfect class to make into a more support-oriented class while still retaining their abilities’ current functions.

My concept for a support Scientist class gives them the unique ability to slow down zombies and extend ability duration, as well as being an alternate source of healing to the Medic. I’ve detailed some proposed changes below:

Black Hole

The Black Hole would still have the ability to suck in zombies and insta-kill them, but now also has a larger radius where zombies are slowed and take small damage (1 per tick, at base damage).

While zombies are in the Black Hole radius, they have a chance to drop a Quantum Cache, which has a specific effect when picked up, depending on your condition.

  • (Numbers don’t have to be exact, just gives an idea of how this would work.)
  • Health would be prioritized first, then skill duration, then points.
  • Chance for zombies to drop a Cache would increase with your Black Hole level.

Explosive Flasks

Explosive Flasks would still damage zombies like they currently do, but hitting a player with a flask would heal them for 20HP. Flasks also leave behind lingering puddles that can slow down zombies and heal players who walk into them.

  • (Numbers don’t have to be exact)
  • Puddles would linger for around 2 or 3 seconds before disappearing.

I really like your idea for Explosive Flasks. I think having them leave a puddle that can heal other players is a great way to actually give some good utility to an otherwise shitty Combo Power


I really like the explosive flask idea, I think we should add more healing to scientist and it fits the overall theme of the character.

I like the black hole changes, but that one is definitely something we’d have to try and see how it feels. I really like the quantum cache as well!


Should add, as my own thought here, that the Black Hole should have an exponential amount of strength with zombies, and that the closer they are, the slower they become and the more they get pulled into it. It should also affect larger zombies (Werewolves, Vampires, Spiders) more than normal Zombies, since they have more mass and technically are more susceptible.

There’s also other classes I think need a touchup, and I’ll probably make a post on one momentarily.

The Explosive Flasks being able to extinguish teammates on fire could be nice too.

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FYI the flask healing suggestion made it into the game:

ZM: Scientist’s Explosive Flask combo power now heals players (5 HP for the Scientist and 20 HP for other players)