Scenes from a Hat

This is a classic game from the timeless improv comedy show, Whose Line is it Anyway. The object of the game is that a prompter gives a prompt for a scene which we have to act out. It isn’t a detailed scene, but something that can be interpreted.

The game will work as follows: Someone will give a prompt, and the next three posts afterwards will be answers to that prompt. If a previous answer can’t be topped, one can reply with buzz to ask for another prompt.

Poster #1: Worst times to start singing “Beat It”
Poster #2: “Welcome to the Wisconsin Center for Physically Abused Women”
Poster #3: “Congratulations, it’s a boy!”
Poster #4: “Hey, Michael, what should we do with this dead horse?”

The example was taken from a thread on /r/ScenesFromAHat. If you want to think of a prompt or get some ideas, head over there!

Try to follow the rules!

I’ll start:

Worst things to hear in boot camp.

“Jimmy, we need a moving target.”

“Wait, I thought we were going boot shopping?”


here is some filler text since discourse hates short posts

“And now that you’ve seen how far I can shoot, let’s get our hands on some guns.”

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That was more than three, guys. :slight_smile:

Prompt: What @macdguy is thinking right now.

“Hah, we called it Tower Unite, then didn’t use Unity. That’ll throw 'em off!”

I don’t know what to say.

Give me a chance

Also I apologise for the 2 year bump,
but I wanted to add to the game.