Scaler: Expand by X, Y and Z Axis

One good thing about the Scaler is the way to scale things, but would it be cool to have a scale function that can scale the prop by the X Y and Z axis?

When the scaler was in development, I sorta thought this was going to be included in the functionality. Imagine super long pianos, fat catsacks, super tall doors…


I also assumed this was coming with the quick scaler.
I know a new build mode is coming and it is most likely to include this, but that’s not coming anytime soon.

We’ve already seen how creative people could get. After the recent updates, I’ve seen some impressive builds achieved not by the number of jackpots they won, but by creativity and the quick scaler.

I suspect this won’t take much to implement and could really help players build even more creative condos.

This was put on hold for a bit due to some issues I ran into with special items. When I was working on the quick scaler, I tested out scaling by X, Y, and Z independently. Most furniture items did not have issues, but some items like the fridge, doors, and drum-set completely broke while being scaled in a single axis.

Here’s some examples of what I mean:

So because of this, it was delayed for a bit. I don’t know the immediate solution to the problems and it looks like it’ll be a case-by-case thing, so we’ll have to go through every item and see what breaks and then fix the issues.


Thanks for the information.