Saxxy Awards 2015

Surprised I didn’t see it around here. You guys are missing out on some fine Machinima.

#Overall Winner:






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I will say that I’ve enjoyed seeing the Overall winner. I was told that they turned in their video ten minutes before the deadline. They had some parts that couldn’t get done in time, and still managed to win overall. I honestly thought that was pretty cool that they got something at the end.

I did notice the visual hiccups where you could tell it was rushed, as opposed to the higher-quality scenes. Props to them, though.

Dam dude. I love the Saxxy Awards. I remember the good old days of “Idiots of Garrys Mod” which first got me hooked

Game of roles was made by someone i met on gmt, he kept bragging about it but now i think its pretty cool he got on the list.

First of all: Alley Brawl didn’t win the Action category. It was Micro-Mann :)

I was going to actually make a post about this year’s Saxxys, but I didn’t think anybody would be interested haha

I really love every year’s Saxxys, and they haven’t disappointed me in 2015. I’ve seen much hate on the internet about this year’s entries though, because Drama, Short and Comedy were weak categories. I totally agree with this, although I’d want them to take a look of the entries as a whole: 8 amazing videos, a few great ones and other cool shorts. That’s simply great. The problem? Those 8 jewels were all split between Action and Extended. It’s a pity the other categories lacked quality (ffs, “Scout is Goat”? Seriously?) because of this, but I guess Valve couldn’t foresee this situation.

All in all, I think Action and Extended were exceptionally contended, and every single short was great; but the other three winners got some easy Saxxys.

As a personal opinion, I really think this could’ve been avoided by eliminating the “Extended” category. It’s a fact: good animators want as much time as you can give them, and that’s why most of the good entries were submitted to this category and couldn’t enter any else. As an example, I want to show you one of my favourite entries for the Comedy section, which didn’t get in because of the time limit. Enjoy!

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