Saving Condos

This idea is simple but might be useful to some people. Quite simply, just make it so that people can save multiple “versions” of their condo. This would probably only be allowed for condos made on Ranked servers, but the idea is that the player can make multiple condos and choose which one to use. This way there doesn’t need to be a massive redecoration project if someone wants to change their theme. For example, I might make one condo for Halloween, one for epic RC car races, and one for general use. Each would be accessible to chose from and I wouldn’t need to spend hours redecorating everything if I wanted to have a couple RC races.

What do you guys think?

  • This is practically needed!
  • This would be handy to have.
  • It doesn’t really matter.
  • It would be best to leave it out.
  • This could only hurt TU!

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P.S. I’m not sure if items should be reusable in multiple condo “versions” (i.e. if you use a couch in one condo version, you can still use it in another condo version as they are essentially redecorations of the same condo) or if people should have separate items for each condo iteration they have.

It would be nice if you start out with two and then you can buy more for Units.
It would add once again, another need for Units.

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If this would be added, I would hope it would at least have a arbitrary restriction, equivalent to buying a brand new condo, buying a brand new layout, things like that.

Basically what you are asking for is owning multiple condos and selecting what one your magical “monsters inc door portal” opens to.

Agree. Maybe two layouts available on start and rest (4) buyable for Units.

I would love this idea. Inventories should be separate for them (excluding one of a kind items like trophies).

Weren’t they allowing condos to be uploaded to the Steam Workshop or something? If so, I think that system would take care of it.

I think they were doing condo layouts for the workshop. Like the general structure of it. This idea is for item placements and such.

Oh, yeah, I just realized how item placement wouldn’t work if someone doesn’t have the items to begin with.

In that case, this idea is rad.

We’re looking (keyword: looking) into making sure the items you place in the condo are instanced. In other words, they never, ever leave your internal inventory (they just will be hidden from the slots).

The idea behind this is the ability to save and publish your condo layout to Workshop (keep in mind we can’t promise this will happen yet).

If implemented, this would give us a way to store different layouts of your condo and allow people to share different layouts on workshop provided you have the items for it.

It’s a really cool idea for the condo system, but we’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out in the end.