Santa Carton

I had an idea called Santa Carton. Where basically, a person changes their steam name temporarily to Santa Carton, and goes around sharing holiday cheer with every player online they run into on Tower Unite. I think it’d be fun with Christmas just around the corner, and if multiple people want to participate, then the more the merrier!

To be Santa Carton, there are some requirements during the RP.

  1. Santa Carton is kid-friendly and respectful to players.
  2. His character is a giving milk carton, who hasn’t got his presents yet, but still wants to dance for other’s happiness.
  3. And, he does change into a skeleton after dancing too much, due to his magical dancing.
  4. Santa Carton is green, with evil eyes, and a santa hat. (You can add more, but you need at least these three things to look convincing as Santa Carton.)

So far, I have a Skit for it, but feel free to improvise for more fun and interactions.

The Skit:
Santa Carton joins as a milk carton
Santa Carton: It is I! The great santa carton, come to spread you holiday cheer! I will now commence with the dance ritual.

Santa Carton dances around a bit
(Santa Carton’s avatar changes to a skeleton (change in appearance))

Santa Carton: Alas! It seems I have turned into a skeleton. Merry Christmas!

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