Salutations for i am the big man


ah yes i have needed to introduce myself for quite the furlong here are yshomethings you should know about me
1: i am cool
2: i am the big man
3: gamers rise up
4: god bless america
thank you all who have read this introductuion like and subscribe for more epic content by me


i normally welcome people to these forums
i do not welcome you


How big are you?


Welcome to the forums one who may be considered large!
Enjoy your decidedly normal stay!



haters will not be tolerated. IGNORED.


Kobayashi best girl


Glad to have you Smore! Enjoy your stay and be sure to help those less fortunate to reach those high shelves!

I came out of hiding solely to make this reference. I hope you’re proud big man


Welcome, remember that you should be over 8 years old to join the forums.


shut up h*ater




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