Rugs and Wallpaper

I know there are a few options when you press Q already, but I was hoping that new wallpaper designs could be added?

Like striped wallpaper, or floral, or ducks! I think it would really brighten up the walls. :cherry_blossom:

Rugs would be lovely too; as furniture you could buy in game, rather than a wall skin.

Like a rug shaped like the cat sack, or a snake, or the dog and cat faces from Planet Panic maybe. :heart_eyes_cat:

Essentially, the more customisation options, the happier I shall be. :gift_heart:

I realise there are more important things that need to be done at the moment, but I would love it if these were implemented. :smile:


For rugs and wallpaper you could just use canvases, but it could be cool to see them as their own item.