Rrmm's House

Here’s my house!

Here’s the garage. I didn’t know what to put here, so I just put a workbench, a car, and a couple leaves sticking out of the wall.

Here’s the kitchen. I didn’t know what to do with it at first but I like it.

This is the living room, one of my favorite parts.

The hallway.

The bathroom. I have no idea what to do with this room.

I turned the sad boy closet into a cool bar room. Still working on it.

Here’s the bedroom. Don’t ask why I have two of the same GMod Tower poster.

Here’s the first room of the first floor.

Here’s the first floor living room.

Here’s the first floor kitchen. Nice and cozy.

Here’s the office room. It’s my favorite part of this condo.

Here’s the basement, my second favorite part about this condo.

This room has a bar and a couple games.

This is a nice (and kind of empty) game room. I made the room a bit smaller by adding a couple canvas walls.

Here’s another nice room.

I also made a nice theater room with the extra space from the square room, since there was a door in the last room that leads to it.

Here’s the patio outside. I made some plants white and some plants green to make it look like the snow was melting away.

Here’s a little campsite.

I turned the empty lot into a village of snails.

That was my house!


ew mac

looks cozy

neat. body is too similar to what you recently posted

why do you have 2 gmod tower posters

Double nostalgia?

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oh ok