Royal Burger Kart

Complete with a diamond studded gold finish, neon underglow, rocket exhaust pipes, a singular cup holder, a very soft recliner, and a pirate wheel - I’m proud to present the Royal Burger Kart.

I didn’t really have a theme going into this other than making it gold so I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. If this one is clear with the workshop rules I’d love to make more of these in the future!

(models are taken from TU and modified)


Wow that’s some high quality stuff!

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The link is broken, did this get taken down? I was scared that might happen.

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It’s back up now, there’s a new workshop agreement I had to accept for it to be visible.


Haha this is so good. The recliner and cup holder make it. Looks like it could easily be an official TU model, Fantastic Quality!


Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!