Roulette taking more money than i bet

Summary of bug here.
on multiple occasions i have bet a certain amount, won, and it takes money away. I bet 7k and won, but lost over 400,000. I noticed that my money should be way higher the night before but just started paying attention when i finally hit over a million.

Steps to Reproduce

Please list how this bug can be reproduced, if possible. Pictures would be much appreciated!
possibly by betting a high amount, winning, and then betting smaller amounts? i can prove i won 400k the game before then won with a smaller bit but lost the 400k.

What I expected to happen i expected to win the amount that i bet, and not to lose 400k on a 7k bet.

The normal behavior.

What happened

The issue the bug caused.

i would like to have the money to be able to buy things for my condo and now i cant

Notes / Media

Other misc notes about the bug. Picture or videos would be much appreciated!

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