Roulette should be less rigged

We all played roulette when it was first released, it was fun but a little too easy to win a lot of money.
They updated it again and it was pretty fair but you could get fucked playing bad bets.
Now if you bet black it goes red, if you bet 1st and 3rd dozen it lands 2nd. If you bet 2nd and 3rd column it lands 1st. Fix roulette so its fun again, everyone knows how rigged it is, make it less. #makeroulettefunagain

It’s not rigged, it’s random number generated. It’s the same odds as when it was first released and it favors the players more than the house.

Roulette doesn’t care what bets you have placed, it doesn’t make choices based on any bets placed, it’s completely random what it results in.


this speaks alot to me, as a fellow basket boy.
i’ve been suffering from severe depts and mental pain after being baited, abused and gaslighted.
from the cause of the new roulette updates, this is a inconvenience.
my entertainment, gone. my wealth, gone. my kids, hungry.

That is not true at all. We all used to just play the basket and it would hit over and over again. It never hits now even after yall changed the multiplier from 11x to 6x. In beta you could bet one number and eventually hit 7.2m a few times ending in positive. I guarantee if you play a single number 35x you will not hit once. If you max bet on a street, double street, etc best of luck to you. It will land on a number nobody bet or at best a number someone is playing a single chip or a double. We used to make tens of millions of units on roulette. You can not say its strictly a random number generator and nothing has changed. Thats stilly.

@macdguy If you are claiming that roulette hasn’t been changed since beta thats absolutely preposterous

The only thing changed with Roulette was bug fixes that included making sure the right numbers were awarding to the correct bets placed. The odds have not been changed. It picks a random number, it doesn’t care what bets are placed.


Are you saying that when you played roulette and you only had 15 units and you could bet 200,000 and if you didnt win all you had to do was sell an item ie a spoon for 1-2 units and you would get your original bet back was fixed? Doesn’t sound like it. If the bug fix was that of you played a 0-1-2 trio that it would pay you out if you hit 00 sometimes but not if you hit 0-1-2 that was certainly not fixed. So what was fixed?

I would love for you to actually play roulette maybe even on a table full of random people. Notice how 1:1 bets, 1 chip number bets, maybe 2 chip splits are the only thing that ever hit. I played from 3 mil units to nearly 40m, and as the updates rolled in now i;m down to 15m. Its not just me, everyone that plays roulette knows how absolutly scuffed it is. It is not an RNG. The right numbers still do not award the bets placed. Look into it. Actually play it.

Actually baffling how you guys didnt pick up users storing their units via hundreds if not thousands of companion suns so they could get their bet back by going to 0 units and selling a 1-2 unit item.

Do you mean to tell me that horse racing also wasnt rigged? Its the same exact thing. As you roll out your updates look how much fewer players are participating in the casino. Its because everyone knows its rigged!

I dunno man I feel like if anybody would know how the game is coded it would be the people that coded the game.

We do play the games, and we have stats on all the payouts per Casino game.

The roulette odds are a 1-38 RNG roll. There’s no weighted RNG or any changes based on bets placed. Rigged would imply that the game logic purposely changes over time or based on player input, but it doesn’t. It’s just an RNG.


Sounds to me like a placebo of seeing a pattern in randomness that doesn’t exist based on repeated losses.

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sometimes the human brain’s tendency to seek patterns is a curse

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i think wheel of money is rigged and spin & win kinda strange odds

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roulette is mega rigged