Rotation around several axis + default position

Not sure how one would really make that one applicable, but I do think that a way of rotation in terms of being able to maybe flip objects and so on more efficiently would be quite nice. Especially with the fork looking like it’s floating on the front for example.

I’d say that a button to change the rotation-axis would be an easy way to do so, that way people could be a bit more individual with stuff.
Another button to then snap the item back into the original rotaiton also would be a good idea to keep people from getting confused

I agree, However I’m not sure this would work.

Maybe if you hold down a certain key whilst rotating it will rotate it in a different directions?

But it’s a great idea and is really needed.

Like this? The only new thing I read here is a button to flip stuff. (Read: Mirror the object.)

EDIT: I assumed you won’t need a default position button if you can just set the rotational values back to zero but that might be my bias from imagining the blender 3D manipulation functionality in TU.