Rotating minigame bonus to bring players together

The following idea came from Neo_Bahamut_19 in a steam discussion

Since a large amount of players seems to care a lot about rewards, most of them just play in the casino. Instead of just increasing the reward of everything else, having a daily / weekly rotating minigame specific bonus could bring players together and populate games. This would make minigames more prevalent and help direct the online playeres towards playing the same game. It would change which minigame or activity has this bonus every day or week, and maybe the Arcade and/or fishing can be included in the rotation too.

For example: ¡<Insert number between 150% and 250% here> payouts on Ball Race this week!

They already happen

Every other month there is either a Double Arcade, Double Fishing, and Double Casino weekend event, of course these could be expanded to cover other areas of the game

There might not be another one until 2023 considering that Casino just got overhauled, and that the Halloween Event will be underway very soon, in the coming weeks – with a brief hiatus before Winter Holidays Event arrives soon afterwards

Yeah, but I would love to see it centered around minigames, and have it be a permanent weekly or daily thing instead (or on top of) those sporadic events. My hope is that this would help push players a bit into doing the same activity together, making the servers feel busier.