Roof for Default Condo


I love the living space and how roomy it feels, but it really needs some sort of a roof to keep out the rain. I like the skylight as it is, so maybe just a glass ceiling?

(Tool) Condo-specific item toggler

This was suggested many times, and about a year ago they made a toggleable glass ceiling, but it never made it into the game. Might eventually.


I made myself a ceiling. I made it myself and it took about 60 blocks of wall full concrete.


I made mine using canvases and grids.


Couldn’t you do that with less blocks of concrete if you used the scaler tool? :thinking:


This was long before that update. Before the copycat, even.


Yeah i hate all the shapes the roof has as well


place a staircase on it to go upstairs, or just use it as a room i guess


I’ll be honest. This reason is why I don’t use the default condo. :sweat:
I know it’s ridiculous but I’m all about both form and function. The roof is anything but functional.


Heh back in my day we were forced to use the default condo, which is why i covered it up with grey cardboard boxes


For now just use squares like I did. It should take about 20 of them


or just wait til the next update where it’s getting given one that is toggle-able.


Which just happens to be a glass ceiling… oh god why


It’ll probably be a condo surface, which you can edit its material for.


I meant that as a joke, yknow because it’s a glass ceiling (it’s kinda obvious but somehow vague at the same time)