Roman's Winter Condo

Hey there. I’ve been working on and off on harnessing the power of Santa H. Christ in my condo since early November and, after many hours of mostly being AFK work, I believe I’m finally done! Let’s begin:


First impressions really are everything. For the entrance area, I created a closed room with glass walls and a door frame that holds most entrance-related activities, like giving out candy and putting away your umbrella. No, I couldn’t get the plant to not clip through the wall.


Once you surpass the mighty entranceway, you’ll be greeted with calm lighting that runs throughout the condo, and a quiet reading area next to the staircase.


Yeah, I know, it’s cliché. I tried to do something at least a little different here. The TV sits upon a Modern Entertainment Cabinet, a cabinet known for holding modern entertainment, such as the TV.

The Tree:

You are mean to me you insult me and you dont appreciate anything that i


A chilled out, simple kitchen with only the necessities, complete with a second reading area. The entrance to the basement is packed with packages.

Theb Ar:

The basement holds a cozy bar for relaxing and getting your drink on. Staffed by Barack Obama, the world-renowned barman.

Main Overview:

A full view of the main area, including the games table and government-assigned condo instrument.


A full view of the front yard which is home to the HAPPY NEW YEAR dot-matrix message (courtesy of BOTDan)


For this wintry wonder-condo, I used massively scaled up snow piles to create fluffy mountains to run around on outside, replacing the default summery beach. I also additionally used Mattio’s giant workshop mountain models to create a more detailed backdrop.


Last of note in the condo are the two gardens: the roof garden, with a large Christmas tree and TU’s logo in 3D, and the side garden, which holds a campsite and a sauna.

And that’s 3 months of work in one post! Thanks much for reading, it was good fun to make and I learned a lot during its creation.

If you like any of the designs or ideas here, please feel free to try it yourself and put your own spin on it! My own personal TU goal has always been to be a source of inspiration. I want my condo’s visitors and sightseers to think, “hey, this is great! Maybe I’ll start my own condo building project.”

Okay, enough rambling. I’ve been writing this post for a good 4 hours now. See you later!


Perty :smiley: