Roller Coaster Workshop

It’d be super neat of you guys to release the spline tool that you made and used for the poseidon to the public, allowing people to make the non-lua roller coasters of their dreams in TU. imagine the raw unhinged content we might see out of it!

So you mean people able to play their own Roller Coasters in their condos?

well back during the garry’s mod days, one of the devs made this absolutely insane addon for gmod that allowed you to make rollercoasters. here’s that in action!

so anyway, i can only assume that the poseidon was designed using a modified version of this addon, given that its author WAS part of the team at the time of its creation.

what would be the coolest thing ever is if we the people could use this tool in unreal to create our own rollercoasters, then import the data to the workshop editor to share with the people. custom tram systems would also be really neat.

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I would LOVE for this to happen again. I mean hey if it can happen in the good ol days of Garry’s Mod then why can’t we do it in Tower Unite?