Rock, scissor, paper function?!

It would be great to have a rock, scissor, paper function! so you can do it with your friends! Who is with me?!

But seriously i think it would be a great thing to implant into the game.


I’d be down for this. It could be a custom gesture and work similarly how the RPS gesture works in Team Fortress 2.

Yeah, I want this.
This needs to be a gesture like Spriteclad said. :smiley:

Too lazy to look for it but didn’t they say on the Indiegogo page at some point that you can give high fives? If that’s true then it more or less confirms multiple character gestures or whatever you wanna call them.

EDIT: Found it.
“Tower Unite isn’t just a walking around simulator. You can run, jump, crouch, use jetpacks, get drunk, dance, sit, stand, throw-up, lounge in pool tubes, give high fives, and much much more. You can of course also: voice chat, text chat, group up with friends, and party with your friends! The possibilities are endless!”

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I swear I had a dream or a vision or something last month and I directly recall all the content on this thread being exactly the same but it’s not a month old am I crazy help

Yeah, rock paper scissors tournaments would be cool. Or just common duels in the plaza.

kind of like in Portal 2 co-op

I get that a lot, dreams of snippets of something in the future. I generally forget about them until the actual moment occurs, then it makes me feel all spaced out.

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Oh, man. How I loved doing that with my friends. I think we spent more time RPSing than actually completing courses lol

rock paper scissors? man that shit is so old lets make it “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock”

Alright @Blaze027 i’m with you on that! Big fan, big fan!

And flipping the bird: Beats everything. Only available to admins.
But yeah that would be a nice thing inplace of just rock paper scissors.