Roblox's unfair moderation?

I uploaded a picture of Wave the Swallow from the Sonic Riders series as a T-shirt on Roblox for pls donate, but Roblox take it down my content in a hurry.

I don’t know why Wave the Swallow is considered inappropriate on Roblox. Do you guys have any reason why Roblox is taking down content that were too mature or something else?

Maybe roblox doesn’t like sonic ocs?

Wave the Swallow was created by SEGA for the game, Sonic Riders, not from the fans who made crappy Sonic OCs. Sonic, Tails, Metal Sonic, Amy Rose, Shadow, and Silver where all accepted by Roblox. But auto-rejecting Wave the Swallow in a quick pace is beyond me.

Another quick take down of my inappropriate content by Roblox, this time with my baby belly shading I made. I delete it from my Dropbox in the hurry.

However this time, I won’t show you what the baby belly shading I made because Roblox has the auto-moderators up of his sleeves.

Shockingly for me, The concept of the “plastic brick-molding company” Lego and the “big brother of Japanese video game” Konami had a baby and you get this game.

I got two violations from Roblox today, but remember, I was 27 years old, and I’m still under the eye of Roblox.

damn, Roblox Corporation kinda giving off 1984 vibes tbh



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This is basically the j,

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Roblox took another unfair moderation bait by wrongfully banning the name/word “Bowser” because it was inappropriate.

Why the name Bowser was considered to be inappropriate for kids? Well, I’m not exactly sure because Roblox keep always do bad moderation on the good stuff for no reason.

Maybe because that’s copyrighted?

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I know they removed a lot of stuff related to Nintendo for like the last few years

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