Roblox Chat


So, I play Roblox sometimes. It’s fun with a friend. It has a chat box, and I can’t understand some of the stuff that comes out of it so I’m posting these images here so you can look at them with your eyes.

I don’t know what they’re saying help me please.

EDIT: The edge is cutting me, help now please.


They are clearly speaking some kind of language that only 12 year olds can understand.


i am going to create a roblox account to harass everyone you took a screenshot of brb :fire: :ok_hand: :fire:


I #### these ####### screenshots!


[jacktheking1121]: can you feed this kid
[chenendikapro]: -dies-
[ayan12341234]: ok


Sometimes Roblox can be a bit confusing, so I stay away from highly popular games unless I like them.


Welcome to my life with the TU chat almost every single day


I’ve done this myself a bit. It’s a good time.


i am back from my short expedition here is some screenshots

^ i dont understand what the pecc these people are doing but it is terrible
these people are awfully vague in their words but i wish they would get put down
as a side note i also spawned into the game as thanos


sisterrskinnylegend5 is going off