#Road to 100%

Hi i wanted to share my story with TU with a Road To 100%.
Back then i said that im gonna do hunt all achievements im gonna do that too. +
I try to do the collection book with the trophies,and all other milestones

i´ll share my progress down there ^^


Edit 1 : Sure its hard to hold up when they add new achievements but i try to hold up.

Here are some of my #Achievements i finished back then

Little Crusader:



Typing Derby:

need to find a way to make the screenshots visable here


copy the image and reupload it here or upload it elsewhere and put the link here.
as long as it’s ending in an actual filetype e.g. .png or .jpg it should embed into the post

the forums do let you upload images directly however so I’d maybe recommend that.

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Good luck! I’d love to 100% Tower one day but I ain’t even attempting it any time soon. Over 360 achievements already and there is just more to come.

I’m mostly just scared of attemping minigolf because I’m trash at it.

I’m planning to do the same thing. Got only 40 left to go, but after trying some of the hole-in-ones idk if i’m going to be able to do it. Good luck!

btw you can copy your image (not the image link) into the text box and it will appear.

Thank you, that was easy.

ohh yes but there are many minigolf guides on steam , maybe they help :))
@Lefty you got this :)) good luck

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Im Trying to do Lobby Tophies on Diamond,


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Nice work with laser tag and trivia, my progress with these has been pretty slow since they… require people.

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