RIP Satoru Iwata: President of Nintendo Japan

So Nintendo President Satoru Iwata died yesterday, and his death was announced today. He has obviously left an impact on a lot of gamer’s lives, me especially! How has Iwata impacted your lives? Do tell in the comments!


He built large aspects of my childhood [size=5] smashbros will always stay apart of me [/size]


Welp now we can add satoru iwata cutouts without any copyright issues!!!


Developers, please take notice.

I’d find that somewhat disrespectful.
Unless, of course, as a shrine to remember him.

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I liked his smile

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Wow, he was good men. What about building his grave in TU? He was really… you know.

RIP Satoru Iwata.

Although I didn’t agree with some of his latest decisions, he did it well with Wii and 3DS, and he was a good, funny man. He was too young to die as well. Stupid cancer.

At least he left us some great moments :) We’ll never forget him, since he did so much for the industry

Aw man. While his death doesn’t seem to take a really big impact on me, it still really sucks that he died in my view.

(Do tell in the comments? Using too much YouTube atm huh? :smiley:)

This really is a blow to the industry in general. He was such an innovative man. It sucks that cancer defeated him when he was only 55. He had so much more life to enjoy. :cry:

What a respectable man, it’s very sad to see him pass.

It just wasn’t his time… 55 years old? He had so much left to contribute to Nintendo :sob:

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