RIP Dark (minigolf map)

Okay so first - I’m pretty late on this since I’ve only now checked out the updated (and finished) Minigolf map “Dark”. Secondly - unsure if it’ll be a supported opinion, but I was really upset when I saw what devs did to Dark.

It was one of a kind, unique in visuals map with that cool effect of anything not illuminated rendering as cosmos/night sky; and only ILLUMINATED AREAS (around the balls included!) drew the territory around!
I wouldn’t mind if the second half (10-18 courses) of the map would be made as forest, but now we lost that one of a kind, visually unique map.
Seriously, not even Minigolf workshop SDK (as far as I can tell) will let you create such cool visual appearance.
I’m once again disappointed we lose pretty stuff from the game :frowning:

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There was a lot of negative feedback we received from Dark’s first version. Players often said it was too hard to see and not enjoyable.

The Dark material is something you will be able to select in the SDK though.


Yeah I remember that feedback but I didn’t think you’d actually remove the coolest feature of the map :frowning:
It was pretty well made and had clues to look for in order to complete it as far as I could tell (which makes me think people shiuld’ve stuck with it for longer to get it maybe?)

As for material, will it render only when illuminated?

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A large portion of the TU community plays exclusively minigolf, and are very casual players. You can’t expect them to think.

My biggest gripe with dark was that it kinda just looked ugly. It was a bunch of basic blocks with neon colors on them, and some cartoony-ass mushrooms copy-pasted about. Could have done something a bit more interesting with the theme. I haven’t actually played the new version, I’m gonna be honest.


the trees and grass looked pretty to me. It actually seems like most of other maps including plaza is extra relient on “cartoony-ass” direction