Rigging a player model with long arms

How would you go about doing this without either messing up the arms or having the in-game hand be in the middle of the arm? Is it impossible? Would we need a different skeleton to rig the model to?

Since you can’t change the bones at all you won’t be able to do it perfectly. You also can’t use any other skeletons as any bones that are different or changed in any way get snapped back into the default position in-game.

If you stretched the arms mesh long then you wouldn’t be able to rig the hands, you could just do it and just ignore the hands, a lot of models actually just ignore the fingers anyway because they’re hard to do. But you wouldn’t hold equippables properly.

The only effective way is if the developers add the ability to stretch out the arm bones like how you can adjust the shoulders, even then it might still cause some animation problems etc. still no harm in suggesting it.

Can’t say this will work with every model, but here’s what I did for Big O (which is one of my wonkier ones.)

Took a model with LONG ARMS

Then I pushed them into the body itself until the hands are aligned with the rig’s.

Then spanned them back out with the metadata option in the importer. Note that I’m pretty sure this moves the clavicles too.