Rideable Helicopter

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Rideable helicopter not showing up in items after unlocking it

Steps to Reproduce

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What happened

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You mean the final Zombie Massacre milestone?

Yeah, that one.

When I check inventory (under settings) it’s there, but nowhere to be found in the equip-able items (under Q).

I have restarted the game, validated files, went to condos, it just doesn’t show up.

It is not an equipable item, it is a placeable condo item.

LMAO Well, maybe it’s a good idea for them to make that much clearer! So much time (though fun) wasted on getting that Milestone for something you can’t even drive or use…

Anyway, thanks for the reply!

You can drive it though, you just have to place it down and interact with it

Yeah, but you can’t use it in the plaza which everyone seems to think it would be able too.
A shame though, cause that’s also the main reason I went for it…