Rework vote kicking

While its not specific to LC, it happens in this game the most often. I’ve been vote kicked at least 3 times now for no reason because the other players are having a “private” session on a public server. Also, usually when a player is being toxic they will have friends with them in-game that will always vote no, rendering the system useless.

As such I would ask that abuse of vote kicking become a reportable offense, OR that kicking should only be done by the host, and having a private public game be reportable.

I feel doing so is especially pertinent, as both of these abuses especially hurt new players, and give them a false idea of what we are


Yes I’ve seen that poll. However seeing as though its from nearly a year ago, I figured it was worth making a new post about it.

The last post there is from a month ago, so it’s still somewhat active for a year old thread.


Yes, but the newer posts are all from users. Nothing has been done in response.